Why cross-country skiing is good for you

Good reasons for cross-country skiing


 1. good for your health.

Cross-country skiing is a vigorous cardio activity that is good for the heart, oxygenates the blood and maintains the health of the cardiovascular system.

2. it makes you slim.

Cross-country skiing is the most "aerobic" of all outdoor sports. There is no comparable sport in terms of energy consumption and calories burned.

3. it is an excellent stress reliever.

Spending time in nature is therapeutic in the truest sense of the word. 

4. It is safe.

Compared to skiing and snowboarding, the risk of injury is significantly lower.

5. it is a holistic sport.

Cross-country skiing is a real full-body workout and an almost ideal form of exercise from a health point of view: it strengthens the often neglected core muscles, trains flexibility, endurance, strength and balance and keeps you fit even during the cold season.

6. it is a varied sport.

The trails are embedded in changing natural landscapes, no two rings or trails are the same, as the terrain is always different. We can choose between two different techniques to suit our needs: the alternating stride (or classic technique) and skating.

7. It's easy to learn

After just a few hours on skis, you can move around quickly