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Whet your holiday appetite

Raspberry jam


Approx: 3-4 glasses of 220 ml each


700 g raspberries

½ lime

180 g gelling sugar 3:1

2 tsp amaretto


Sort the raspberries, rinse briefly with cold water if necessary and drain.

Puree the raspberries in a blender, then pass through a fine sieve with a small spatula until the small seeds remain. Makes approx. 540 g raspberry...

10 reasons for a refreshing summer holiday at the end of the Valley Casies


1. The greenest valley in South Tyrol

2. Holiday without a car, direct starting point for the numerous alpine pastures in the Gsies Valley

3. One of the most unspoilt valleys in South Tyrol

4. Away from mass tourism, no transit traffic and no cable cars

5. Cooling down in the stream

6. The Casies mountains and the Braies Dolomites right before...

[Translate to English:] Frohe Ostern


The host family Burger and the entire Magdalenahof team wish you a very happy Easter!

May your easterbasket be full of joy and your hearts full of happiness as you enjoy the festive season with your loved ones.

We will close our hotel on Easter Monday 01.04.2024 for a short break. In the meantime, we are building a new buffet area and a new dining...

Why cross-country skiing is good for you


 1. good for your health.

Cross-country skiing is a vigorous cardio activity that is good for the heart, oxygenates the blood and maintains the health of the cardiovascular system.

2. it makes you slim.

Cross-country skiing is the most "aerobic" of all outdoor sports. There is no comparable sport in terms of energy consumption and calories burned....

Immune booster Ingwer Shot


Ginger Shot 

They are small, spicy drinks that contain lots of vitamin C, potassium, phosphorus, iron and magnesium as well as the antibacterial and expectorant gingerol. Thanks to these ingredients, ginger shots can strengthen the immune system and are particularly popular during the cold season.

Ingredients for approx. 10 shots:

  • 100g organic ginger
    • ...